Writing copy about yourself is a tough brief to work on.                                                                                                                      So let’s be short. I believe that being a writer is the best job in the world, but only if you love it, and only if you’re really good at it. Take a look and judge for yourself.

Writer/Creative Director:  HAVAS NYC 1999-present

Jaguar, Volvo, IBM, K-Y, Dos Equis, d-Con, Oppenheimer Funds, Charles Schwab, New York Stock Exchange, New York Life, Gas-X, Lysol, Universal Studios, Intel, Malaria No More, Liberty Mutual, Green Mountain, PayPal.

Writer:  Virtual Creative Department Sydney 1995-1998

Marie Claire, Men's Health, Nandos, Opera Australia, Powerhouse Museum, RSPCA, Deaf and Blind Children's Society, National Rugby League, Super League, 

English Teacher: Sydney Technical High School 1985-1994

Shakespeare, Sophocles, Salinger, Frost, Whitman, Heller, Hemingway, Twain, Joyce, Miller, Shaw, Poe, Dickinson,  Dr Seuss.